Monday, January 22, 2007

She smiled her "really happy to see you" smile as I approached and she said "Hello". I opened my mouth to greet her with a cheery "Hello, beautiful!", but closed my mouth against something else that was going to come out instead.

That was the only that stopped me from opening my mouth and completely letting everything out. How it felt as if I was dying inside because I wanted to hold her so frikkin' much. How her smile makes the blood pound in my chest. How her laugh chases the clouds from my thoughts that had been there for almost a week. How I see her face in my mind's eyes just before I fall into the darkness of sleep. How her face was there again just before I open my eyes to the light of the next day knowing I will face it seeing her but not being with her. How the thought of her makes me smile even though the same thought brings a feeling of painful longing. I stepped closer as she bend forward to get something from her bag. Her hair was pulled up, giving me a glimpse of that mole on the back of her neck that I can barely restrain myself from kissing everytime I see it. A step closer and I could smell the fragrance that pulls at me as if it were a hook that had buried itself in my chest and she was reeling in the line attached. I stopped right in front of her as she looked up. Her face inches from mine, I wanted to make that small, but infinite distance disappear and press my lips to hers. I searched her eyes for the shadow of a dream I could make come true for her. I imagined for a moment how much more beautiful her eyes would be if they held tears of happiness that I had caused. I looked down, seeing her hands that I wanted to enfold in mine while bringing them to my lips to kiss the fingertips. Looking back up at her face, I opened my mouth to say "I want to make your life better than you have ever dreamed it could be. I can't promise you the world, but I can promise to bring you one of the loveliest pieces of it that I can find everyday. I want to be completely yours no matter what obstacles I'll face. I want to make it so any obstacles you face for me are more than worth it. I want to temper any pain you may ever have with even greater joy. I want you to be the center of my life and part of everything that radiates out from it. I want to love you like I know that I can. I want to laugh and talk for hours about nothing as we can and have, feeling as always that we've just discussed the most important subject in the world. I want to make your body feel the most pleasure that you've ever known and then make you feel even more. I want forever with you".

I looked into her eyes and said "Hi, beautiful! How was your weekend?"


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