Thursday, November 04, 2004


I voted for John Kerry.

I truly hope that I was wrong.
I hope that the folks that voted for Dubya were right.
I hope that President Bush will do at least some of the things that he promised.
I hope that I will still have my job in four years.
I hope that my sons will not have to go to fight in a war that I believe was started by people that have no clue how to properly finish it.
I hope other parents children will not die in that same war.
I hope that Iraq doesn't become the re-run of Vietnam that it seems to be heading towards.
I hope that more effort will be directed to capturing the main person responsible for 9/11- Osama Bin Laden. Just the fact that he is still free makes another attack more possible.
I hope that people torn apart by the contentious nature of this election will be able to get past those hurt feelings, and mend relationships.
I truly hope that Dick Cheney is not the person really running things for the profit of himself and his friends.
I truly hope that politics will become a matter of facts, not rhetoric.
I truly hope that people are making themselves informed and not just parroting the old "Liberals have overrun the media, anything the media says are lies meant to force liberal views on all people"- "Conservatives just want to force their religious views on the world" Both of which I believe for the most part are wrong. Not to say that there isn't folks like that on both sides of the fence.
I hope the Democratic party gets it's head out of the sand and realizes that some of those votes for Dubya were from Democrats, and that it has lost it's way as the moderate's party.
I hope that the Republican party realizes that the separation of church and state is still very much needed and should not be worked out of the Constitution, or become disregarded. And that the taking of human life, whether it be from abortion, war, or execution, is still killing. It should only be done as the very last resort.
I hope that we aren't going to be saying "Oh, crap" after our country has been led down the path that we are all heading in the next four years. Because this is definitely going to be an administration that can make or break our children's future.
I hope that this bandying about of the charge of non-patriotism stops being leveled against people that have views that don't follow someone else's.

And finally, I truly hope that there is another beer in the fridge, because I think that I just drank the last one.

Oh, and Dave Barry for President in '08!


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