Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Ahhh, yes. Another day dawns. As you may have noticed, I don't sleep much. But, that is for another time.

I was out this (last?) evening in an establishment that can be best described in the terms of 'Meat Market'. Whilst I was enjoying an adult beverage, I noticed a comely young lady looking at me with what I thought was a 'come hither' look. SO, being the gentleman that I am, I came hither. Smiling brightly. And thinking of my most charming opening phrase, I asked her her name. Much to my chagrin, she said "But you already know my name, and I know your girlfriend".

At that point I tried to explain that I was now single, and that I was interested in her.

At that point she went on about how she thought that my ex-girlfriend and I were what she thought was the perfect couple.

Needless to say, I made a hasty retreat.

Just goes to show you that what you may think is an invitation to heaven, may be an invitation to revisit hell. You just gotta check the R.S.V.P. address at the bottom of the card to determine the difference.


Monday, March 29, 2004

Inspirational thought of the day: Don't let your past determine who you are, but let it help you become what you can be.

And never feed your fish brussel sprouts.


Sunday, March 28, 2004

This thing may become a real productivity enhancer. (See Dave's Blog for the intended definition). Every time I look at what I've posted, I see something else that is wrong, or something that I don't like. I'll just have to keep myself from rereading this all the time. Eh...in some ways I am a perfectionist. In other ways I am a championship procrastinator.

My duel nature at war. Film at 11.

Ya know, there have been a few times that I thought that I was in love. It seemed that there wasn't anything that I wouldn't to for the object of my affection du jour. I tell ya, it also cost me a lot of money at times also. What can I say, I like to make the women that I am with happy. Problem is, as I have said before, I sure can pick 'em.

As I have gone along, I realize that there has been one time that I was truly in love. That didn't turn out well though. Was it me? Was it her? It was a bit of both, and the lions share of the blame lays on Us as a couple. The sex was fantastic though.

This brings me to my point. The heart is a muscle. Ya have to continue to use it, both as the thing that keeps you alive, and as the thing that makes staying alive worth while. Laugh at silly crap, cry while watching sad movies with your girl, don't always take the easy road, take a chance on getting hurt, it makes you stronger.

And most importantly, use the word 'Boing' in normal everyday conversations.

And you thought that I had something inspirational to finish with, didn't you? That's what ya get for thinkin' ya got me figured out.

What was this guy thinking? If I was gonna paint an
iceburg it surely would have been yellow. With my name as big as a semi.

But then again, this is a guy who thought goldfish in a blender was art.

( Thanks to Dave Barry's Blog, from which I....ahem.. lifted this link.)

Well, Kurt Busch won the Nascar race. I really don't like that guy. But, so be it.
I wish that Rusty would have won, he deserves a win. Dale JR came in 11th. This is the year for Jr to win a championship.

You will find that I am a Nascar nut. I love going to the races. I love the smell and noise at the track. It is far more of a sensory event than any ball game , be it football, baseball, basketball, or any other. For those who have been to a race, and don't like that smell of the high octane fuel and rubber burning, it is the smell of POWER. Can't beat it for masculine grunting and posturing.

Well, I need to go finish my move. Don't really want to, but it is the sensible thing for me to do right now. Gonna move in with my long time best friends Dennis and Tina.
They are always there for me, and this is a good thing. See, don't tell anyone, but I have a tendency to get involved with women who will use the shit out of me and then bail when I tell them they have to contribute to the cause. Meh...maybe I'll figure it out someday. I do have to say that I have led a fun life though. Not sure if the cost was worth it, but, It Is What It Is.

By the way, don't think that I am an emotional masochist. I just have a tendency to meet women with issues and think that I can fix em. I guess that goes with my innate mechanical aptitude. There isn't much that I don't think that I can fix.
When they figure out that they are as pretty and as intelligent as I tell them they are, they tend to look for greener pastures.

By the way, My middle name is Randomnality. This is a warning to those who thought that they might see a cohesive, topical format here.

Here is my favorite site at the moment. Enjoy

Random and completely useless info concerning me will be posted here soon. Until then remember this place. Or don't, it doesn't matter to me much. But, I can be charming, and slightly humorous at times. You just have to guess whether the post you are reading is one of those times.


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