Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I haven't been here in a long time.

I wish I could say that it's because I'm leading such an interesting life, that I don't have time for this thing. That part about not having time is true. Mostly. But the interesting life part is complete fiction. Just so you know.

As far as V.D. goes, I don't feel any more blue about being single on that day than I do on Arbor Day, April Fools Day, or the second Teusday of next month. And there has been Valentines Days that I was in a relationship that was going bad, and hated trying to play nice for the day.

If you are in a relationship that has true affection, then it should be shown everyday. And I don't mean with candy or flowers strictly........it's amazing the amount of emotion that can be shown in a gaze or a simple touch. Gifts are nice, but if they are given just because of a date on the calender, then I'd rather skip receiving or giving.........the intent is wrong.

The preceding rant may stem for a call I received on my way to work. Seems the girl that I was dating decided today would be the day for her to start talking to me again. (Still have no idea why she wasn't talking to me in the first place.) After listening to her ramble for the first 2 minutes of the call, I politely (at least I tried to do it politely) told her I was busy and would call her back later. I'm thinking April 1st would be a good day to make that call.....kill two birds with one stone.

(Sorry PETA)

(Not really)

Also, I got a call from my ex last night..........she just happens to be single again.........is it wrong of me to be suspicious?

Other than that, Happy Valentines Day to all!


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