Friday, April 29, 2005


(Thanks to Mr. Fishair)


Wednesday, April 27, 2005


"Hello, boss....yeah, I'm really not feeling good today...."

"What's that? I may already be a winner?"


Hey, where's that Mercedes that you brought in duty free for me?


Monday, April 25, 2005


I woke up late this morning to a regular day. My phone was ringing....it was Mom. We chatted for a bit while I got a cup of coffee and sat down in front of the computer. While I was talking to Mom, I checked my e-mail. A couple joke e-mails from Mom and Dad...probably from Dad. They were a bit off color. Another from a friend that I haven't read yet. I was still a bit groggy. I was up a few times last night. Bailey decided to sneak through the gate and was trying to be sly so he could sleep where someone (meaning human...not the 2 other dogs)was so not to be alone. I don't know if other Springer Spaniels act like this, but if Bailey saw a lap, he would be in it. Just laying his head back and looking up with this total look of adoration. I don't think that there has been a time that Dennis has sat in his chair without Bailey jumping up there. So he slept with me last night.

I ended my call with Mom and started to check some of the forums where I am subscribed.

A start of a nice lazy Sunday.

Dennis, Cody and I buried Bailey at 2:30 this afternoon.

I was just getting ready to get another cup of coffee when Zeus the boxer decided he needed to go out. I let him out the back door to go out in the fenced area. Bailey liked to go out the side door to the open part of the yard. This wasn't a problem, he stayed in the yard and was always back to door in a few minutes. Zeus would run if he went out that way. Bailey never did. So outside went Bailey also.

For some reason, Bailey went to the road. A car or truck hit him. The vehicle never stopped.

Never came to the door to tell anyone Bailey was hurt.

Nor did the 10 or so other cars that slowed down to go around him while he lay in the road bleeding.

Cody was across the road at his friends house and saw Bailey in the road through the front window.

We tried to get him to a veterinary E.R.

But Bailey had a seizure on the way. He's had those in the past. Before, we've had medication that helped him.

He died in Dennis' arms.

I think that's where he would have wanted to be in the end.

After we buried him, I cleaned up the seats of my truck. We had wrapped him in blankets but they didn't stay on very well.

I went back out later to his spot.

You see, I forgot to give him his golf ball. The one he loved to run and get when we hit it for him. He's gonna need it.

I just don't know how to tell Zeus and Tidy this.


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