Thursday, May 26, 2005

Do chips come with it?


Thursday, May 05, 2005


....last night. Out of the blue. Ron spends the winter in Hawaii and the summer in Ohio running his ice cream shop. It's May now and that's when he usually opens up for the summer.

Ron has been my friend for going on 5 years now. He's also my ex-wife Amy's friend. I know it was difficult for him to continue being a friend to Amy and I both during our break up and subsequent divorce, but he was able to do it and not choose sides. That, folks, is a friend. Better still, Amy and I have been able to develop a good friendship in the past couple years.

We chatted about a few things.....the trip I had planned for this weekend to Ohio and him and I getting together for a drink or four.

About 10 minutes into the conversation, he asked if I had spoken to Amy's sister Marisa in the past week or so (Marisa and I are also still friends after the split). I told him that I hadn't. He became very quiet for a moment and then said " Man, then I need to tell you that last week Amy went in to see her doctor.......and they found tumors on her ovaries and uterus".

It was at least a minute before I could catch my breath. He continued by telling me that they were planning to perform a complete hysterectomy to remove the tumors. When I was able to speak, he suggested that I call her to let her know that I will be coming to town this weekend and ask her to meet me for a chat.

He remembered that in the past, when Amy had problems with her migraines and the endometriosis, that I was usually able to calm her and help her work through the pain. So his thinking was that I could help now. I agreed and we hung up after he promised that he would call me today.

This morning, Marisa called both to tell me about what was going on with Amy and to let me know that she had been taken to Metrohealth hospital in Cleveland last night because she begun to hemorrhage. I told her I was coming down Friday night after my shift ended. I also asked her to keep me informed of what was going on.

Marisa called back after I got to work to let me know that they moved up the hysterectomy to when they can stabilize her enough to do it. They also found cancer on her cervix, another tumor deep within her intestines, and another tumor that has grown since last week. Marisa told me that she doesn't think that I should wait until Friday to come down.

I don't think so either. So I won't wait.

Even though our marriage is over and we will never be romantically involved again, I still love her. Not a romantic love, but when you love someone deeply enough to marry them, then I think that you will always have love for them in your heart. For good or bad, they have become a part of who you are...and her son will always be like he is my son also. I helped raise him for more than four years. I'm worried for him, also.

But I'm scared shitless for Amy.

I need to get to sleep to get up to go in the morning.

I'm not having much luck with that right at this moment.

She's only 28 years old.


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